DevOps Associates supplies Technology Management expertise.

  • Analysis using Systems Thinking approaches that provide powerful insights to show feasible strategic paths.
  • Technology roadmapping and innovation strategy via a good understanding of the principles of the dynamic capabilities framework.
  • Cultural transformation as a strategic capability for technology innovation.
  • Delivery Management using adaptive / predictive and hybrid project approaches.
  • Service lifecycle design using lean to map your value chain, integrating strategy and design processes with DevOps orientated delivery.
  • Application Engineering as a DevOps discipline. The engineering of resilient and supportable applications in┬ápublic and private clouds.
  • Continuous Delivery Expertise.
  • Management of your service lifecycle using ITIL V3 and Eli Goldratts Theory of Constraints.
  • Continual improvement of both your application services, processes and your DevOps maturity level using a Deming approach.

This business is an expert at applying strategic thinking approaches to delivery management, leading transformation management / change projects during phases of technological and/or business model innovation. The focus is absolutely on managing the ‘doing’ parts, the doing being informed by sound strategic thinking skills.


DevOps Associates

Lower Ground, Castlewood House, 77/91 New Oxford Street, London, United Kingdom, WC1A 1DG